Subspaces – a progressive psytrance mix

Posted in music on May 2nd, 2009 by peeba

I’ve been ravaged by an eye infection during the last two days or so and it inspired me to mix some progressive psytrance again. I don’t know why.

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Download as 192kbps CBR MP3

I’m actually quite happy with the mix myself and I think the timings were kinda solid this time around too. To celebrate the fact, I decided to do some simple cover graphics from an old Holga photo of mine and name it properly. So I present to you: Subspaces.


1. Nasser - Timeless
2. Duca - The Tour
3. FM Radio Gods - Musak Attack
4. Gaudium - 4 Outputs
5. Paulina Cewe - Incipit
6. Ace Ventura - Presence (Motion Drive remix)
7. Vibrasphere - Follow Me
8. Quantize feat. Buttersonic - Think Different
9. Ace Ventura - Sao Paulo
10. Protonica - Final Step

March 2009 goa trance mix

Posted in misc, music on March 15th, 2009 by peeba

Here’s a goa trance DJ set I just mixed.

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Download as 192kbps CBR MP3

During the last few years, there has been a new surge of great goa trance music, a subgenre many people thought died in the turn of the decade. Only the first song here is still from the 90s era but the rest are newer. Too bad that I don’t have Merr0w’s album yet…

1. Talamasca - Jungle Storm
2. Afgin - Tribute to the Sun
3. Red Gravity - Momentary 29
4. Filteria - The Snail Keeps on Crawling...
5. Antares - Aurora
6. Lost Buddha - Regeneration
7. Vox - Mayana
8. Artifact303 - Energy Waves (Positive mix)

February 2009 psytrance mix

Posted in misc, music on February 15th, 2009 by peeba

A full-on psytrance mix.

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Download as 128kbps CBR MP3

Even though the name of this DJ set is named after an influental month in the Gregorian calendar, I’m not intending to do new mixes every month. I’m just too lazy to think about any fancier names for the mix. Some of the transitions in the mix can be shocking or cruel and are not recommended for children or expecting women.

1. Talamasca - Obsessive Dream
2. Ananda Shake - Inside the Sound
3. SynSUN - Dancing Machines
4. Space Buddha - Legendary Lighting
5. Wizzy Noise - Sputnik
6. 1200 Mics - Rock into the Future
7. Astral Projection - The Prophecy
8. Technikal - Summassault (Phil York remix)

Playing with Korg DS-10

Posted in misc, music on January 31st, 2009 by peeba

Korg DS-10 is a small music “studio” for Nintendo DS. It has two synth and four drum tracks (which use the same synth as the lead tracks so no samples there), a simple sequencer, mixer and effects system. It’s pretty limited and very cumbersome to use but I guess the limits are what makes this a fun piece of software to play around with. It’s fun to try and see how far you can get within the limits and with a bit of tweaking and exploring, you can get some surprisingly deep and fat sounds from it. If only composing with it would be easier! Having an option for patterns longer than 16 bars would be a great starting point. And the possibility of separating the synth and drum patterns to their own patterns instead of lumping them together would make things a bit easier. Those are some limitations I’d rather do without :)

Anyway, here’s three mini songs I did with Korg DS-10:

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Processing fun.

Posted in code, misc on January 7th, 2009 by peeba

Aah, Processing. I decided to do some stuff with it once again because it’s been a while since I’ve played with anything in the coder-side of the nerd spectrum. If you’re not familiar with Processing, it’s the perfect tool for programming small visual apps and such. It’s a fun way to learn programming and I myself really feel like I’ve taken some (small) steps forward again when coding these two little apps. One is a hyper realistic painting simulation and the other is a hyper realistic armpit hair simulation. So check ‘em out:

Välipäivät 2008 mix

Posted in music on December 30th, 2008 by peeba

Here’s a progressive psytrance DJ mix I recorded today.

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Download as 256kbps CBR MP3


1. Vibrasphere vs. Ticon - Dewdrops
2. Magic & Witchcraft - Oudoen
3. Gaudium - Set or Reset
4. Koan - Watermarks (Behind Blue Eyes remix)
5. Dualsnug - Deceptive Noises
6. Human Blue - Atom
7. Vibrasphere - Floating Free (Krama remix)
8. Magic & Witchcraft - Between Colours
9. Wizzy Noise - Lost Atlantis
10. Gaudium vs. Dualsnug - Killer
11. Ace Ventura vs. Lish - The Light

HP tx2500 tablet PC impressions

Posted in misc, reviews on December 17th, 2008 by peeba

I bought my first tablet PC a few weeks ago. Or as it happens to be, it’s also my first laptop as well. It’s a HP Pavilion tx2590eo but it seems like these are usually simply referred as the tx2500-series. I couldn’t even find any sensible model comparison on HP’s site so I don’t know what the actual differences are. The only thing I know that, in the shop I bought this from, with 200 euros more I could’ve gotten a slightly faster processor, hdmi and a gig more memory. A rather pathetic upgrade for the price in my opinion. But processors and RAM are the most boring aspects of this, or almost any, laptop anyway so let’s forget about those for now. This is quick enough for its price, all right? The only thing some people might find lacking is the display adapter which is an ATI Radeon HD 3200 and if you find this kind of bullshit deeply fascinating, find some benchmarks with Google. There are bound to be dozens of them. For the rest of the review I’ll be trying to stick with the more practical aspects of the laptop.

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Unreleased, unfinished and un-good

Posted in 2D, 3D, misc on November 30th, 2008 by peeba

I was browsing through my archives of old projects and saw that there’s quite a bit of stuff that hasn’t seen the light of the day and I thought that it might be nice to air them out a little bit. These are all old and most of them have been left rotting on my HD for a good reason. Often because I thought that they didn’t turn out that well or I never actually finished them but also because I simply haven’t bothered displaying some of these in the internet “publicly” before. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to show some old and stupid stuff for a change.

Grand Opening

Posted in misc on June 25th, 2008 by peeba

Okay, this is my first post on my blog. And I still feel kinda dirty using the word blog but seems like I have to get used to it.. Anyways, I decided to move onto using a blog from the old gallery system because I didn’t really feel like managing it all the time by deleting old or unfinished stuff there to keep the impression of “quality” up. Or the problem wasn’t really with managing the old stuff but instead it was just hard for an occasional visitor to find the most recent, relevant or interesting stuff there. It just got out of hand. Probably some day I’ll make a new gallery but then it’ll be more of a portfolio or a showcase with maybe a dozen or so images instead of the horrible gangrenous lump my old one turned in to.

With blog it’s really a no brainer to bump into the most recent stuff and at the same time there are a few extra goodies like RSS feeds for stalkers and commenting for people who want to sell Viagra knock-offs.

What you’ll find posted on this blog will mostly consist of my photography and computer graphics (2D/3D) and a bit of traditional media too (well, mainly limited to pencil sketches for now I guess). If you want to know who I am, you can check the about page.