Two photos

Posted in art, digital, photography on December 3rd, 2012 by peeba

Just a quickie post with two photos from last weekend.

Photos from Barcelona

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Wow. I haven’t updated this blog in a looong time, mostly since I’ve been busy with Legend of Grimrock so I haven’t had that much energy for other creative endeavors. But there have been a few things I should have written here about like another ludum dare game I made called Snow Globe Kerfuffle which I made in Flash so you can play it right in your browser! I’m pretty happy how the game turned out, much more so than with the Dystopian Future Underground City. Another noteworthy mention is that I opened up a Souncloud page so if you want updates on my music, you should follow me there since as we all have witnessed, the blog updates can be kinda sparse. Anyways, onto the topic at hand: I went to Barcelona and took a bunch of photos with my awesome new Olympus OM-D E-M5:

Tutorial: Photo Dissection 1

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Recently a coworker of mine has been getting back into photography and I’ve spent some time advising him and talking about how I approach photography. When I started breaking down the thought processes and some of the post processing methods I’ve used, I realized it might be worth sharing. In this introspective post, which hopefully turns into a series if enough people find this information valuable, I take one of my photos and explore the thought processes behind it, how I shot the photo “on the field” and what did I do to it afterwards and for what purposes. This is not meant to be a step-by-step guide or a definite best approach to photography: I just try to share my approach to photography which happens to be comfortable for me. It might not work for you at all but at least I hope it will make for some interesting reading and prove that taking good photos is not an entirely random process. Whenever it is irrelevant, I will steer clear from purely technical aspects of photography, especially the gear, since there already is too much technology-wankery going on in the Internet regarding cameras. I also have to elaborate why I think whatever picture I pick is a good photograph and I hope that it is understood that I don’t mean to gloat. That being said, all my views are entirely subjective and it’s cool if you disagree with me on any of the points I present. Photography is hard to judge objectively and in this sense it really isn’t any different from any other forms of art. Which actually might be a pretty valid definition of art, by the way, but let’s not open that can of worms right now. ;)

Since this is first of its kind, I’d love to hear if there’s any feedback regarding the content or presentation of the article! Or if there are any questions that I left unanswered in the text.

Photo Dissection


For this first issue of Photo Dissection I picked this photo of some elderly people I shot in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 2006 (I shot the photograph, not the people… Just so that we’re clear) mostly for the convenient factor that I used this photo as an example in one of our discussions with the previously mentioned coworker earlier this week. It’s been a while already but I can remember the situation and the process behind this photo pretty clearly:

Of course this is just the final photo I ended up with but there’s a lot of things that you might not realize just by looking at the end result and that process of how I ended up with the final picture is the core of this article. So let’s dive in and see how I ended up with whatever that thing is that I ended up with… is! I love ugly sentences!

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TTV photography experiment

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I’ve had my grandfather’s old Yashica A twin lens reflex camera laying around for a while now. It’s a nice camera. A little too nice actually since the medium format photos you can take with it are too high quality to be worth the hassle of developing the films for and scanning them not to mention the cumbersome filming process itself. If I want to work my ass off for my photos, the photos better look distinctive from any modern camera!

But hey, the Yashica has a lovely ground glass viewfinder that is peered from above and boy does it look trippy. It’s even got these extra guide line helpers in case if you want to use 35mm film instead of the square aspect ratio medium format film. Lots of grime and dust has also polluted the mirror and the glass of the viewfinder. Awesome artifacts. So I built this TtV (“through the viewfinder”) rig on it from cereal box cardboard and some black duct tape to mount my digital camera above the viewfinder. With the help of a few close up filters and a 50mm lens I can now shoot through the viewfinder with relative ease and end up with digital images that ooze of analog sex. Hot.

New York, 2006

Posted in photography on May 24th, 2009 by peeba

The third, and probably final for now, entry in my “post some old stuff since you haven’t done anything new” -series. New York!

It’s an awesome place.

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Japan, 2006

Posted in photography on May 21st, 2009 by peeba

This is my second retrospective photo post. Some photos I took in Tokyo and Kyoto in 2006.

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Chernobyl, 2005

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I’m gonna post a few old photo galleries of mine in the near future that haven’t yet graced the pages of this blog. I’ll start with some selected photos from a trip to Chernobyl, Ukraine in the year 2005.

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New Holga photos

Posted in art, Holga, photography on November 30th, 2008 by peeba

I finally got a few rolls of Holga photos from the last few months developed and scanned. There were a few surprises along the way of course. In addition to the basic newbie double exposure mistakes, of which one shot turned out to be rather cool, one of the batteries for the flash (I’ve got the “fancy” Holga 120CFN with the multi-color flash) managed to escape the grips of the black electrical tape with which they were secured on. And since they reside in the same space as the film does, I got a few shots with large black cylindrical objects in the middle of them. It’s just too bad that the battery-enhanced shots weren’t that interesting because with Holga, in every mistake resides a great opportunity! Anyways, here’s a few picks from the batch:

Blast from the Past #2

Posted in art, digital, Holga, photography on June 25th, 2008 by peeba

Okay, maybe it’s time for some photos then. These three pics are from my first rolls of film I’ve shot with the lovely Holga. I have a few rolls more ready for development already and I’ll pop by a lab when my vacation starts next week to get them done. So there’ll definitely be more of these posted here in the near future.

These are from last fall and they are shot with my Canon EOS 5D, using mainly the 24-105mm f/4 IS L IIRC but then again: who gives a damn anymore when you own a Holga?