Dystopian Future Underground City – a game I made this weekend

Posted in 2D, art, code, music on August 21st, 2011 by peeba

Download the game here! (Windows)

Phew! This weekend I participated in the Ludum Dare game development competition. It’s a competition where you have to create a game completely from scratch by yourself in a weekend. Or 48 hours to be exact, of which I used about a little over half. The competition was extremely demanding. Not only because there’s a ton of stuff that goes even into the simplest of games but because I’m not a very experienced programmer. When I’m programming, it totally feels like I could speak a foreign language but I only know the curse words. I can always get the point across but, for the most part, it’s not very elegant. Luckily my coding weapon of choice, LÖVE, proved to be a good one. It was very accessible for a novice programmer even though I had only installed the framework the day before!

Graphics and music, on the other hand, were pretty easy for me. Business as usual. It was fun doing all those little funky sprites and I even managed to make the music in less than an hour. Overall, I’m extremely pleased in the end product and I learned tons even though I hit a few walls during coding. There’s obviously a great number of flaws in a game like this but the only one that I have regrets of is the skill level. It’s bloody hard! Basically, EVERYTHING in the game kills you. I was aiming for Super Meat Boy or Trials HD style frustration/fun balance but I think the skill ramp is just too damn high and the deaths can be too unfair at times. If the walls would bounce you around when hitting them instead of killing you in a split second, it’d be much better. I tried to hack together pretty simple collisions for the level blocks but it didn’t work out really well so I just went with the simpler and more brutal model instead. Despite all this, the game CAN be fun if you just bear with it. Just be prepared to die a million times!

But hey! It’s a game! That I’ve manage to make completely by myself! In two days!! My previous game programming experience has been limited to one small prototype made in Processing that had maybe one tenth of “stuff” in it compared to this game so this has been a gigantic leap for me.

Font fun time

Posted in 2D, art on March 12th, 2011 by peeba

Lately I’ve been dabbling a little bit with Fontstruct. It’s a nice browser application for building your own fonts by laying blocks on a grid and it’s a perfect match for people like me who might want to fool around a little bit with typefaces without committing to the craft entirely by buying FontLab and sacrificing a basket of fruits on the altar of Helvetica.

Here’s a couple gimmicky fonts I created. You can download & abuse them by visiting my Fontstruct profile.

Tutorial: Photo Dissection 2

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People seemed to like the first dissection so why not write more? I couldn’t figure out an answer for that question not involving any worm holes and time traveling so I suppose I’m mandated to write another one. If you’re interested in the idea behind the series, go and read the preface to the first dissection although I think it’s safer that I repeat the disclaimer that these are the methods and ideas I happen to work with and these writings are not intended to be technical manuals on how to do stuff. Instead, think of these more like an in-depth “making of” documentary that you might watch solely for its entertainment purpose but where you still might discover something useful. There’s a some sort of primitive fascination in discovering how things are made. Some of the methodology I use I have learned from others and some I have discovered by myself. I believe that all experienced photographers have followed a similar path so pick the stuff that plays with your strengths or eliminates your weaknesses.

Photo Dissection


I believe I may have skimmed over the appeal of black & white photography a little bit too hastily in the first article. To expand on the topic, I chose this photo because I think it’ll illustrate my some of my points pretty nicely and in addition I can talk about composition some more:

It is a photo I took in 2006 in New York. The place is Central Park at the Great Lawn, facing south towards downtown. So let’s go and pick the picture apart!

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Assembly 2010

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Another year, another Assembly demo party. I participated, rather expectedly, to graphics and fast graphics competitions. Although my graphics entry picture was used in a Nokia N900 real wild demo too (Derelict by Hedelmae), I didn’t specifically draw it for the demo. It just happened to suit the theme of a friend’s demo nicely so I gave it to them to use :)

The theme of this year’s fast graphics compo was “you’re holding it wrong” and the time limit was 1h 30min as usual. There were surprisingly few iPhone puns. The conspiracy theorists might wonder if Nokia’s role as a sponsor of the party had an effect on the selection of the theme! Hmm!! ;)

Anyways. In fast graphics, I placed third with my picture called “herp derp” and my “Komrade Kong” in the graphics competition came in second. I think I was the most frequent visitor to the stage this year with my three appearances since Hedelmae’s wild demo placed second as well.

Both of the pictures were drawn in Photoshop. This time around I actually spent pretty much the entirety of the time allowed for the fast graphics compo and I’m pretty pleased with the picture myself. “Komrade Kong” didn’t take much time either. I think it probably took around 8 hours total, spread over two days. I first wanted to draw a King Kong -style gorilla rampaging in a city, throwing a tram and stuff but after a little bit of sketching I realized I wanted to draw a squid as well so I had no other option but to submerge the gorilla! That way I also got rid of the pesky time consuming perspective drawing of the town too. The idea of the military uniform and the cigar was given to me by a friend, no doubt inspired by the great fictional movie in the Simpsons called: “Hail to the Chimp”. Or “Apina Pressana” as the delightful translation goes.

Scribbling lines

Posted in 2D, art, code on September 20th, 2009 by peeba

Here’s some work from the last two nights: a duo of processing applets that scribble lines. Pretty exciting, huh?

Check them out here:
(Java required)

Here’s a few images I created with a custom .pdf exporting versions of the programs:

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Back from Assembly 2009 and other things

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Assembly, the biggest demoscene event in Finland, was held again during the last few days and I had a few entries there again. My graphics entry that I scribbled on my vacation a bit over a month ago placed sixth and my fast graphics piece placed second. I’m pretty happy with the outcome but what I’m more happy with is how this time around I felt like the people who voted were not completely stupid :). That means, no joke entries or technically inadequate (read: ugly) pieces got voted high and all the entries in these categories got pretty much what they deserved in my opinion. Here’s my entries:


I’ll leave it as an excercise for the reader to figure out which picture is which. Oh, and the theme in fast graphics was “over the edge” and time limit was 1h 30min. Talking of fast graphics, here’s another fast graphics thingy (3dsmax + photoshop) I did just for fun a while ago:


I’ve also been playing around with Processing quite a bit lately but in a more educated manner than previously with the help of an excellent book. If you’re a programming noob such as me, I can heartily recommend it. Anyways, maybe I’ll have something cool to show you soonish.

BrokenPictureTelephone is awesome!

Posted in 2D, art on May 14th, 2009 by peeba

BrokenPictureTelephone is a game about miscommunication. Everyone remembers the game of broken telephone from their childhood, right? This is very much like it but with drawn pictures thrown in between written descriptions. First a player writes a piece of text, then someone draws an image of the text, then someone describes that picture and then someone draws again and so on. And of course participants only see what the previous player has written or drawn. And in the end when a predefined number of rounds have been completed, the whole game is revealed and almost without exception the results are amazingly hilarious. Try it out, it’s free, fun and inspiring!

You can check out all the games where I’ve drawn in but I’ve picked some of my favorite pictures I’ve done this far here. Of course to get the full enjoyment, these should be viewed in context but I think these are kinda neat even as complete non sequiturs.

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Blade Runner fast gfx

Posted in 2D, art on January 21st, 2009 by peeba

Did a fast graphics session with a few friends again. The theme was to do a Blade Runnerish interior garnished with cigarette smoking. Incidentally, all three of us handled the lighting with the same style slitted windows ;)

This took a bit over one hour in Photoshop.


Cyborg monkey

Posted in 2D, art on December 23rd, 2008 by peeba

This here is a chimpanzee who has been cybernetically enhanced. 1.5h fast gfx scribble in Photoshop.


Uuno Turhapuro Muuttaa Maalle vs. Conan

Posted in 2D, art on December 20th, 2008 by peeba

So, it came to be that Conan crowned himself as the King of eastern lands.
And having no further concern, he sought adventure in the barren north.

This is a sketch of a poster of a movie me and a couple friends of mine have been dreaming about. The perfect amalgamation of finnish craplore and a few awesome movies. There’s of course Uuno and his pals, Härski Hartikainen and Sörsselssön, and his mighty challengers, Conan the Barbarian and T1000. Naturally, T1000 assumes the form of Uuno’s plough. Beheadings will occur. Maybe someday I’ll paint this picture further but we’ll see…