Dystopian Future Underground City – a game I made this weekend

Posted in 2D, art, code, music on August 21st, 2011 by peeba

Download the game here! (Windows)

Phew! This weekend I participated in the Ludum Dare game development competition. It’s a competition where you have to create a game completely from scratch by yourself in a weekend. Or 48 hours to be exact, of which I used about a little over half. The competition was extremely demanding. Not only because there’s a ton of stuff that goes even into the simplest of games but because I’m not a very experienced programmer. When I’m programming, it totally feels like I could speak a foreign language but I only know the curse words. I can always get the point across but, for the most part, it’s not very elegant. Luckily my coding weapon of choice, LÖVE, proved to be a good one. It was very accessible for a novice programmer even though I had only installed the framework the day before!

Graphics and music, on the other hand, were pretty easy for me. Business as usual. It was fun doing all those little funky sprites and I even managed to make the music in less than an hour. Overall, I’m extremely pleased in the end product and I learned tons even though I hit a few walls during coding. There’s obviously a great number of flaws in a game like this but the only one that I have regrets of is the skill level. It’s bloody hard! Basically, EVERYTHING in the game kills you. I was aiming for Super Meat Boy or Trials HD style frustration/fun balance but I think the skill ramp is just too damn high and the deaths can be too unfair at times. If the walls would bounce you around when hitting them instead of killing you in a split second, it’d be much better. I tried to hack together pretty simple collisions for the level blocks but it didn’t work out really well so I just went with the simpler and more brutal model instead. Despite all this, the game CAN be fun if you just bear with it. Just be prepared to die a million times!

But hey! It’s a game! That I’ve manage to make completely by myself! In two days!! My previous game programming experience has been limited to one small prototype made in Processing that had maybe one tenth of “stuff” in it compared to this game so this has been a gigantic leap for me.