TTV photography experiment

I’ve had my grandfather’s old Yashica A twin lens reflex camera laying around for a while now. It’s a nice camera. A little too nice actually since the medium format photos you can take with it are too high quality to be worth the hassle of developing the films for and scanning them not to mention the cumbersome filming process itself. If I want to work my ass off for my photos, the photos better look distinctive from any modern camera!

But hey, the Yashica has a lovely ground glass viewfinder that is peered from above and boy does it look trippy. It’s even got these extra guide line helpers in case if you want to use 35mm film instead of the square aspect ratio medium format film. Lots of grime and dust has also polluted the mirror and the glass of the viewfinder. Awesome artifacts. So I built this TtV (“through the viewfinder”) rig on it from cereal box cardboard and some black duct tape to mount my digital camera above the viewfinder. With the help of a few close up filters and a 50mm lens I can now shoot through the viewfinder with relative ease and end up with digital images that ooze of analog sex. Hot.

One Response to “TTV photography experiment”

  1. djsynchro Says:

    Friggin awesome! Love the way the light falls off towards the edges.