BrokenPictureTelephone is awesome!

BrokenPictureTelephone is a game about miscommunication. Everyone remembers the game of broken telephone from their childhood, right? This is very much like it but with drawn pictures thrown in between written descriptions. First a player writes a piece of text, then someone draws an image of the text, then someone describes that picture and then someone draws again and so on. And of course participants only see what the previous player has written or drawn. And in the end when a predefined number of rounds have been completed, the whole game is revealed and almost without exception the results are amazingly hilarious. Try it out, it’s free, fun and inspiring!

You can check out all the games where I’ve drawn in but I’ve picked some of my favorite pictures I’ve done this far here. Of course to get the full enjoyment, these should be viewed in context but I think these are kinda neat even as complete non sequiturs.

2 Responses to “BrokenPictureTelephone is awesome!”

  1. tonic Says:

    great stuff

  2. Alamir Says:

    Awesome drawings!!!