Playing with Korg DS-10

Posted in misc, music on January 31st, 2009 by peeba

Korg DS-10 is a small music “studio” for Nintendo DS. It has two synth and four drum tracks (which use the same synth as the lead tracks so no samples there), a simple sequencer, mixer and effects system. It’s pretty limited and very cumbersome to use but I guess the limits are what makes this a fun piece of software to play around with. It’s fun to try and see how far you can get within the limits and with a bit of tweaking and exploring, you can get some surprisingly deep and fat sounds from it. If only composing with it would be easier! Having an option for patterns longer than 16 bars would be a great starting point. And the possibility of separating the synth and drum patterns to their own patterns instead of lumping them together would make things a bit easier. Those are some limitations I’d rather do without :)

Anyway, here’s three mini songs I did with Korg DS-10:

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Blade Runner fast gfx

Posted in 2D, art on January 21st, 2009 by peeba

Did a fast graphics session with a few friends again. The theme was to do a Blade Runnerish interior garnished with cigarette smoking. Incidentally, all three of us handled the lighting with the same style slitted windows ;)

This took a bit over one hour in Photoshop.


Processing fun.

Posted in code, misc on January 7th, 2009 by peeba

Aah, Processing. I decided to do some stuff with it once again because it’s been a while since I’ve played with anything in the coder-side of the nerd spectrum. If you’re not familiar with Processing, it’s the perfect tool for programming small visual apps and such. It’s a fun way to learn programming and I myself really feel like I’ve taken some (small) steps forward again when coding these two little apps. One is a hyper realistic painting simulation and the other is a hyper realistic armpit hair simulation. So check ‘em out: