Uuno Turhapuro Muuttaa Maalle vs. Conan

So, it came to be that Conan crowned himself as the King of eastern lands.
And having no further concern, he sought adventure in the barren north.

This is a sketch of a poster of a movie me and a couple friends of mine have been dreaming about. The perfect amalgamation of finnish craplore and a few awesome movies. There’s of course Uuno and his pals, Härski Hartikainen and Sörsselssön, and his mighty challengers, Conan the Barbarian and T1000. Naturally, T1000 assumes the form of Uuno’s plough. Beheadings will occur. Maybe someday I’ll paint this picture further but we’ll see…

3 Responses to “Uuno Turhapuro Muuttaa Maalle vs. Conan”

  1. julle Says:

    mikä ton t-1000:n rooli on tossa?

  2. peeba Says:

    Toi uunon aura on T1000:n valeasu. Myöhemmin T1000:n sormi lävistää Sörsselssönin pään.

  3. tonic Says:

    Saiskohan tosta aiheesta hyvän pelin…