Välipäivät 2008 mix

Posted in music on December 30th, 2008 by peeba

Here’s a progressive psytrance DJ mix I recorded today.

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Download as 256kbps CBR MP3


1. Vibrasphere vs. Ticon - Dewdrops
2. Magic & Witchcraft - Oudoen
3. Gaudium - Set or Reset
4. Koan - Watermarks (Behind Blue Eyes remix)
5. Dualsnug - Deceptive Noises
6. Human Blue - Atom
7. Vibrasphere - Floating Free (Krama remix)
8. Magic & Witchcraft - Between Colours
9. Wizzy Noise - Lost Atlantis
10. Gaudium vs. Dualsnug - Killer
11. Ace Ventura vs. Lish - The Light

Cyborg monkey

Posted in 2D, art on December 23rd, 2008 by peeba

This here is a chimpanzee who has been cybernetically enhanced. 1.5h fast gfx scribble in Photoshop.


Uuno Turhapuro Muuttaa Maalle vs. Conan

Posted in 2D, art on December 20th, 2008 by peeba

So, it came to be that Conan crowned himself as the King of eastern lands.
And having no further concern, he sought adventure in the barren north.

This is a sketch of a poster of a movie me and a couple friends of mine have been dreaming about. The perfect amalgamation of finnish craplore and a few awesome movies. There’s of course Uuno and his pals, Härski Hartikainen and Sörsselssön, and his mighty challengers, Conan the Barbarian and T1000. Naturally, T1000 assumes the form of Uuno’s plough. Beheadings will occur. Maybe someday I’ll paint this picture further but we’ll see…

HP tx2500 tablet PC impressions

Posted in misc, reviews on December 17th, 2008 by peeba

I bought my first tablet PC a few weeks ago. Or as it happens to be, it’s also my first laptop as well. It’s a HP Pavilion tx2590eo but it seems like these are usually simply referred as the tx2500-series. I couldn’t even find any sensible model comparison on HP’s site so I don’t know what the actual differences are. The only thing I know that, in the shop I bought this from, with 200 euros more I could’ve gotten a slightly faster processor, hdmi and a gig more memory. A rather pathetic upgrade for the price in my opinion. But processors and RAM are the most boring aspects of this, or almost any, laptop anyway so let’s forget about those for now. This is quick enough for its price, all right? The only thing some people might find lacking is the display adapter which is an ATI Radeon HD 3200 and if you find this kind of bullshit deeply fascinating, find some benchmarks with Google. There are bound to be dozens of them. For the rest of the review I’ll be trying to stick with the more practical aspects of the laptop.

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