New Holga photos

I finally got a few rolls of Holga photos from the last few months developed and scanned. There were a few surprises along the way of course. In addition to the basic newbie double exposure mistakes, of which one shot turned out to be rather cool, one of the batteries for the flash (I’ve got the “fancy” Holga 120CFN with the multi-color flash) managed to escape the grips of the black electrical tape with which they were secured on. And since they reside in the same space as the film does, I got a few shots with large black cylindrical objects in the middle of them. It’s just too bad that the battery-enhanced shots weren’t that interesting because with Holga, in every mistake resides a great opportunity! Anyways, here’s a few picks from the batch:

One Response to “New Holga photos”

  1. Durkin - Go Holga Says:

    very nice collection of work here, really like the bottom three, especially the one on the right!