Posted in 2D, art on August 3rd, 2008 by peeba

Just got back from Assembly 2008. I made some stuff for the graphics and fast graphics -compos and the results speak for themselves: I placed 11th in the fast gfx and 18th in graphics competitions :D

Ok, first the fast gfx entry. The theme of the compo this year was “size matters not” and there was 1,5h of time to complete the pic. And, surprisingly, there were only a few boobs and penises featured despite the theme.

I had a bit of a technical difficulty when I started making this piece. When I had managed to draw about two lines on the canvas in Photoshop, I managed to break my drinking glass. So the result was that I flooded my keyboard with coke and rum and shards of glass and spilled quite a bit of it on my display, Wacom, speakers, table and of course the rug on the floor too. After one roll of tissues for cleaning the mess up I had to install the cordless keyboard from my living room PC to this one because the cuba libre soaked keyboard refused to produce any letters and symbols. It settled for primitive “beeps” from the PC beeper and needed a bit of time to dry up. After two days, it is working again, however the keys on the lower left hand side of the keyboard are not springy anymore. The just sorta “gloop” their way up. But despite the wasted fifteen minutes, I’m quite happy with the picture myself.

Okay, onto the “regular” graphics entry. I started doing the picture the night before Assembly so I finished the painting process in five hours and five beers. So because I knew right from the beginning that I won’t have time to do anything awesome I decided to go way overboard with it and just have some fun. And fun I had. In fact, this was the most fun piece of graphics I’ve done in a long time, and even though most of the people won’t agree with me, I really liked the outcome. It certainly could’ve used a few more hours for more careful rendering of the lines and fixing the really messed up foreshortening on the arm holding the mace. And of course some more love for the shading. But anyways, somehow now I really feel inspired to do more surrealist and dadaist paintings. Hopefully the feeling lasts since at the moment I’m just too tired. So even though the picture might not be that awesome, the experience of drawing it certainly was.