Grand Opening

Okay, this is my first post on my blog. And I still feel kinda dirty using the word blog but seems like I have to get used to it.. Anyways, I decided to move onto using a blog from the old gallery system because I didn’t really feel like managing it all the time by deleting old or unfinished stuff there to keep the impression of “quality” up. Or the problem wasn’t really with managing the old stuff but instead it was just hard for an occasional visitor to find the most recent, relevant or interesting stuff there. It just got out of hand. Probably some day I’ll make a new gallery but then it’ll be more of a portfolio or a showcase with maybe a dozen or so images instead of the horrible gangrenous lump my old one turned in to.

With blog it’s really a no brainer to bump into the most recent stuff and at the same time there are a few extra goodies like RSS feeds for stalkers and commenting for people who want to sell Viagra knock-offs.

What you’ll find posted on this blog will mostly consist of my photography and computer graphics (2D/3D) and a bit of traditional media too (well, mainly limited to pencil sketches for now I guess). If you want to know who I am, you can check the about page.

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